The INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY (IBMS) certifies the finest healthcare providers in the world, complementing the Joint Commission International and other accrediting organizations, by certifying physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other healthcare professionals in the global healthcare community with review of national licensure and specialty certification, affidavit of compliance with standards of international medical evaluation/treatment, and pledge to abide by a Code of Ethics.  


IBMS Gold certification assures the healthcare provider has met basic IBMS standards for safety, agrees to the IBMS Code of Ethics and has documented indemnification for potential complications.


IBMS Registration fee must be submitted prior to IBMS review/issuance of IBMS certification/affiliation.


*Centers of Healthcare Excellence (Hospitals/Clinics) interested in IBMS certification need to contact Dr. D. Kalin, IBMS Chairman, directly prior to IBMS registration/certification (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +813.966.1431).


IBMS ONLINE Registration Process Categories:

IBMS certifies Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, and Other Medical Professionals


IBMS affiliates with Healthcare Travel Associates (medical tourism/travel facilitators helping to distribute patients globally by connecting with reputable healthcare providers), Medical Industry Professionals (assisting in the development of international healthcare infrastructure), and Professional Associations (promoting quality healthcare standards, developing and facilitating professional medical relationships and services)


IBMS affiliates with Centers of Healthcare Excellence (Hospitals/Clinics) ensuring standards of professional patient care, however, in no way does the International Board of Medicine and Surgery acknowledge any certification endorsement of the facility through this affiliated registration relationship.


IBMS Registration/IBMS Annual Renewal/Maintenance of Certification Fees:

The global economy combines national economies of varying GDP, and accordingly, the International Board of Medicine and Surgery has developed IBMS Country Specific Pricing to enhance participation in all IBMS Certification/Affiliation programs.


IBMS Certification/Affiliation Registration Fees range from $100-$500 US with country specific pricing.


IBMS Annual Renewal/Maintenance of Certification/Affiliation is 50% discount of IBMS Certification/Affiliation Registration Fee.

Recommendation from a National and International Professional Medical Organization may upon review by the IBMS Medical Advisory Board qualify you for IBMS Certification in the IBMS Emerald Circle of the Finest Healthcare Providers Worldwide (See IBMS certification standards 5 levels ) . 

Before you Register your Professional Listing, please consider the much stronger advantages derived from IBMS Certification (applicable for Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Clinical Providers, Hospitals/Clinics*, IBMS Specialty Fellowship* for educational institutions) or IBMS Affiliation (applicable for Healthcare Travel Associates/Medical Tourism or Travel Operators, Medical Industry Professionals, Professional Associations involved in the global healthcare marketplace) as shown below

*Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for procedure/pricing

IBMS Registrants (certified/affiliated) are required to remit the IBMS Annual Renewal/Maintenance Fee to display on the IBMS Registry and support ongoing management of IBMS programs including daily operations, maintenance of standards, administration, advocacy, brand awareness, and attestation of IBMS certification status.


IBMS Registry SEARCH is intended for personal use and is not applicable to official verification/credentialing.


IBMS Registry SEARCH displays IBMS certified physicians, surgeons, dentists, other medical professionals, Centers of Healthcare Excellence (Hospitals/Clinics/Specialty Centers) and IBMS affiliates with applicable IBMS certification/affiliation seals.


The IBMS Registry may not display IBMS Certification/Affiliation status if:


IBMS certification/affiliation has expired.


IBMS active membership has changed.


For official verification of IBMS certification contact IBMS  



IBMS USPTO certification standards 011811

IBMS affidavit of compliance pledge code of ethics adobe 072612.pdf

IBMS certification standards 5 levels update 072310#


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